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Sensor Festival brings a massive 3-day lineup to an open-air at a giant space telescope located at Mount Aragats in Armenia

The world's best — Ivan Smagghe, Maayan Nidam, Ron Morelli, Rhadoo, Byetone, Dopplereffekt, Lea Bertucci, Dhafer Youssef, Tony Buck — are among 40 artists announced in the first wave, along with a list of modern-day festival must-haves: Evan Baggs, Elena Colombi, Vlada, Raphael Carrau, San Proper, Digby.

Sept. 10—12

The breathtaking location at the altitude of 1711 meters is within an hour's drive from Armenia's capital, Yerevan. The colossal 54-meter telescope built in the era of sci-fi romanticism is named after Paris Herouni, Armenian radio-physicist and engineer, who led its construction in the early 80s.

Four festival stages are built on-site equipped with top-tier sound systems. There is a choice of camping options offered as well as a scheduled transportation from Yerevan during the event.

A—Z A Guy Called Gerald, Abelle, AIGEL, André Pahl, Binh, Broken English Club, Byetone, Cantenac Dagar, Dan Andrei, Daniela Huerta, DAVE N.A., Denis Kaznacheev, Dhafer Youssef, Digby, DJ Majkel, Dopplereffekt, Ece Özel, Eiger Drums Propaganda, Elena Colombi, EtIM, Evan Baggs, Gevorg Simonyan, GFRND, GMO, Hayk Karoyi, Hespermen, HOV, Ivan Smagghe, Jing Lekker, Junki Inoue, Kamunts, Katerina, Kirill Shapovalov, Krikor, Kymatic, Lea Bertucci, LEYA, Lipelis, Lisokot, Lurmish, Maayan Nidam, Maoupa Mazzocchetti, Margenrot, Martin Kling, Matias Aguayo, Merlin Ettore, MEROUJ, Mick Wills, Missteikk, Molero, Nastia Reigel, Norayr Gapoyan, OID, Oko DJ, Philipp Gorbachev, Poima, RAKANS, Ranishe Niyaak, Raphael Carrau, Resurrêction, Rhadoo, Robin Ordell, Roma Ptashenko, Ron Morelli, Rozen Tal, Sacha Mambo, San Proper, Sardaryans, Sentimental Rave, Séxstasy, Simple Symmetry, Sofia Rodina, Tony Buck, T-White, TmbaTa Orchestra, Umwelt, Vaahzer, Velv.93, Viner, Violet, Vlada, Zeina, Zots, Zoviet France

The festival starts on Sept. 10, 15:00. To enter, register your Sensor Pass in the Ticket Office next to the entrance. (Tap on the map to zoom.)

Sensor Wristband

After registration, you will receive a personal wristband that grants access to the festival at any time. Keep your wristband intact until the end of the program on Sept. 12, 12:00. Damaging the wristband or passing it to another individual will result in losing access to the festival.

Use your wristband to pay in bars, cafes, at the festival's food court. Top up the wristband at any Exchange Desk using cash or a bank card.

Sensor Shuttle bus & Parking

Sensor Shuttle bus is running from the stop near Parajanov Museum (Dzoragyugh 1st St, Yerevan) to the festival's site and back. Plan your trip and purchase a ticket in advance. (More tickets will be added according to demand.) A ticket is valid only for the exact date and time it was issued for. (For companies of 2—4 people odering a taxi is a reasonable option. Best apps: UTaxi, GG Taxi, Yandex Taxi.)

Parking. There are 3 parking lots at the festival's site: P1 (150 spots), P2 (30 spots), P3 (40 spots). Parking outside the lots is not allowed. Book a spot to park your vehicle for the duration of the festival. (No shorter options available.)

What ticket should I buy? Can I buy a ticket for one day?

To enter the festival you have to purchase a Sensor Pass. It grants access to all stages and art spaces of the festival from 15:00 on September 10.

Sensor Pass is valid until September 13, 12:00.

3-day Sensor Pass is the only ticket option for this installment of the festival.

What camping options are available?

As the festival's location is within one-hour drive from Yerevan (40 km), these are the main options you should look into:

1. Plan your trip(s) to the festival's site while staying in Yerevan. Get to the festival by Sensor Shuttle bus or by taxi (UTaxi, GG Taxi, Yandex Taxi). The festival offers free chill-out zones to rest on-site.

2. Rent a pre-installed tent at the festival's camping site. To use this option you have to purchase a Sensor Pass. You will have access to showers, charging spot, social club. There will be a food court and cafes available. Check-in from 15:00 on September 10. Check-out before 12:00 on September 13.

SOLD OUT 3. Set up your own tent at the festival's camping site. This option requires booking of a camping spot. You also have to purchase a Sensor Pass to enter the festival. You will have access to showers, charging spot, social club. There will be a food court and cafes available. Bonus day: check-in from 12:00 on September 9. Check-out before 12:00 on September 13.

⚠ My bank card declined, what other payment options are available?

Try alternative links: Sensor Pass / Sensor Shuttle bus & Parking

I've bought one of the camping options. What are check-in and check-out times?

To set up your own tent you can access Camping from 12:00 on September 9.

Access your pre-installed tent from 15:00 on September 10.

Check-out before 12:00 on September 13.

Is there a mobile network coverage at the festival?

Yes. For a better experience use Ucom.

Ucom will provide mobile network coverage at the festival's site with 4G+ (LTE Advanced) internet access. There will also be Wi-Fi access to the internet set up according to the latest technology standards.

Where can I charge my phone?

Use a charging spot in the Camping, if you stay there.

Rent a power bank from the Exchange Desk next to the festival entrance. You can also rent a power bank at the food court.

What is the weather at the location?

September is one of the hottest months in Armenia, which has a highland continental, dry tropical climate. The festival's location is at an altitude of 1700m, which makes the weather conditions on the festival's site very pleasant.

Recent forecasts warn that the weather will be cooler than usual for the period. Daytime it is sunny. For the night it is better to have warm clothes: hoodie, autumn jacket.